Friday, 24 April 2009

Stardoll's 3RD B-day.. Are you sure?

Stardoll's 3rd birthday? .. Are you sure?

If this title is making you think, ' What does she mean.. 'are you sure'? Is it really their birthday or not?'
The answer: yes it is their birthday.
Im not sure about the THREE YEAR BIT.. ?
Members have been around way more than three years..
The same thought had hit's new writer and gossip-stardoll too.
I think it is because that it used to be Paperdoll Heaven. Now its' a new thing.. Do you get me? Hah. Its understandable if you don't because im also getting confused!
Yeah, forget all that droning typo, its not important as much as.. WE GET FREE MONEY!
Yes, play games on Stardoll and get paid for it.
No-one yet, is sure when it is coming out but it is all over our stardoll bloggers blogs'

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