Saturday, 25 April 2009

How many hackers out there?
Hey, I’m Sorrel, a new writer for the blog. :] Aka BunnyHop77.
I’m doing an article about h a c k i n g. How many hackers ARE out there, exactly? How many people you can’t trust?

Well, I did an experiment. Of course I didn’t want to use my real account, so I made a new account and called it YouRox1 and jazzed it up to try and make it look valuable. I asked for a makeover in Animal-Lovers. The first person did it without hacking.So I said in club Animal-Lovers ‘why don’t you all have a go playing with my me-doll? But please, no hacking, because I won’t know who it is if you do.
I made it perfectly clear I could do nothing if you stole my account. And I gave my password to everyone who applied by friend request. I logged out and logged in. My account was fine, and not stolen. Maybe it was because it wasn’t valuable enough...or the people were just honest.I kept trying, but no-one I had given my password to had hacked me. They were all perfectly honest people, or their accounts were better. But they didn’t want to take my account for the sake of it.

BUT, the next thing I did was say ‘Oh, I trust you all. You can ALL have my password. It’s Hello1 everybody, no hacking please.’ And then, I made another topic called MY PASSWORD saying ‘You can all have a go playing with my me-doll. But no hacking please. The password is Hello1.’ The account was so EASY to steal. Someone even said ‘I honestly think you want to be hacked.’ It made me laugh. Someone said ‘no it’s not’ [my password being Hello1]. I replied with a WHAT? :[

Logged out, and I couldn’t log back in. I had been hacked.

I know my first part of my experiment had been safe, and none of it was an exact fair test, but I am still urging you to in ANY CASE to NEVER give out your password.
I then noticed someone had used the account to make a rude topic. I felt slightly guilty at this, Animal-Lovers doesn’t need any more rude things going on in it.

... But this just shows how dangerous giving out your password is- NEVER, EVER give it out.

By BunnyHop77 :]

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