Thursday, 23 April 2009

MAY 09' Hot Buys -

-My Thoughts-
Hot Buys Band Jacket. Bisou. 1st May-
This jacket is punky-like. It reminds me of that other jacket in Fallen Angel.. What was it called? Avril Lavigne jacket.. ?
Hot Buys Sequin Dress. RIO. 4th May-
Three letters.. H-O-T ! This beautiful dress is perfect for nights out with your gals!
Hot Buys Zip Purse. Fudge. 22nd May-
This purse, WOW! Its FABULOUS! I say it would go with any stylin' outfit.
Hot Buys Wedge. Bisou. 27th May-
Goes terrific with the Zip Purse, as shown in picture and review above. If you are planning on
purchasing this, buy the bag too!
Hot Buys Bow. Splendid. 6th May-
To be totally honest, i don't think i like this. Dont' get me wrong, i love the bow its just there has been too many bows out right now. Im getting sick of it..
Hot Buys One Peice Swimsuit. Bisou. 20th May-
I would defonatley go swimming in this fabby costume! Why not.. ? Exactly!
Hot Buys Bubble Shorts. Pretty in Pink. 26th May-
These could look better.. Spice them up a notch and add in a flouncy top or vest tee and a stylin' belt!
Hot Buys Party Dress. Pretty in Pink. 14th May-
Im not a big frill fan, but for party's i guess i could make an exception for this one! ..
Hot Buys Art Dress. Bisou. 9th May-
I J'dore this dress. My fave' out the pack! After all, diamonds are a girls best friend!

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