Monday, 27 April 2009

Do you recognize this hotbuys bag? Well.. look at it in real life! Its identical!
This bag is inspired by Marc Jacobs and will go with any outfit! Look at the different colour bows! It can really brighten up your closet!
So get on to stardoll now and buy it! Its possibly one of the nicest bags that has ever come up on stardoll so we're lucky there selling it for cheap!!!! XX
Oh Yeah and im new here and will be righting a couple of blogs on accesories!

Posted by Soulja_Zo xx

Saturday, 25 April 2009


The blog is a mess !
Well, the two posts below this one are.

Sorry about that techniacal difficulty with the pics all over the place, but it wont happen again!

Sorry again.



Sorrel - More than just a writer..

Look at us ^
I have now considered Sorrel (BunnyHop77) as more than just a writer, we are now partners in crime >:)
Yeah, we have paired up for this blog.. :0
I needed a helping hand and i stand corrected for this choice of person(:
Soo.. Umm, yeah thought i would tell you(:
Sorrel (BunnyHop77)

How many hackers out there?
Hey, I’m Sorrel, a new writer for the blog. :] Aka BunnyHop77.
I’m doing an article about h a c k i n g. How many hackers ARE out there, exactly? How many people you can’t trust?

Well, I did an experiment. Of course I didn’t want to use my real account, so I made a new account and called it YouRox1 and jazzed it up to try and make it look valuable. I asked for a makeover in Animal-Lovers. The first person did it without hacking.So I said in club Animal-Lovers ‘why don’t you all have a go playing with my me-doll? But please, no hacking, because I won’t know who it is if you do.
I made it perfectly clear I could do nothing if you stole my account. And I gave my password to everyone who applied by friend request. I logged out and logged in. My account was fine, and not stolen. Maybe it was because it wasn’t valuable enough...or the people were just honest.I kept trying, but no-one I had given my password to had hacked me. They were all perfectly honest people, or their accounts were better. But they didn’t want to take my account for the sake of it.

BUT, the next thing I did was say ‘Oh, I trust you all. You can ALL have my password. It’s Hello1 everybody, no hacking please.’ And then, I made another topic called MY PASSWORD saying ‘You can all have a go playing with my me-doll. But no hacking please. The password is Hello1.’ The account was so EASY to steal. Someone even said ‘I honestly think you want to be hacked.’ It made me laugh. Someone said ‘no it’s not’ [my password being Hello1]. I replied with a WHAT? :[

Logged out, and I couldn’t log back in. I had been hacked.

I know my first part of my experiment had been safe, and none of it was an exact fair test, but I am still urging you to in ANY CASE to NEVER give out your password.
I then noticed someone had used the account to make a rude topic. I felt slightly guilty at this, Animal-Lovers doesn’t need any more rude things going on in it.

... But this just shows how dangerous giving out your password is- NEVER, EVER give it out.

By BunnyHop77 :]

Tyler Life -

- Oh My Gosh! -

Anyone know Tyler? Ofcourse you do.
Tylerisbold is pratically famous on Stardoll for OUR gift of his blog!
COREECTION : *.. of his blogS!*

Yep, Tyler has a new blog.

'My Diary - Coming Soon!'
- Tyler

Don't Judge - Big Smiles - amiee/#

New Writer - BunnyHop77

- Writer
During the last half hour of my life, i had a tough decision on who to chose as our new writer and i found a perfecto' user to also write for the blog.
Welcome to BunnyHop77 !

Friday, 24 April 2009

H A C K E D - !

My most important account on Stardoll..
My first ever account on Stardoll..

- by bear..livsxxx
Im no gossiper but im really mad.
We were supposed to be switching accounts.
She has changed its password and email.
I have contacted Stardoll about it many times but they never reply or do anything about it.
--- It would help if you sent her notes about this in her GB to persuade her to give me back amywearsconver as it means soo much to me and i spent loads of money and work into it ---
Thank you.
- Studentka../amywearsconver !!

Stardoll's 3RD B-day.. Are you sure?

Stardoll's 3rd birthday? .. Are you sure?

If this title is making you think, ' What does she mean.. 'are you sure'? Is it really their birthday or not?'
The answer: yes it is their birthday.
Im not sure about the THREE YEAR BIT.. ?
Members have been around way more than three years..
The same thought had hit's new writer and gossip-stardoll too.
I think it is because that it used to be Paperdoll Heaven. Now its' a new thing.. Do you get me? Hah. Its understandable if you don't because im also getting confused!
Yeah, forget all that droning typo, its not important as much as.. WE GET FREE MONEY!
Yes, play games on Stardoll and get paid for it.
No-one yet, is sure when it is coming out but it is all over our stardoll bloggers blogs'

Thursday, 23 April 2009

MAY 09' Hot Buys -

-My Thoughts-
Hot Buys Band Jacket. Bisou. 1st May-
This jacket is punky-like. It reminds me of that other jacket in Fallen Angel.. What was it called? Avril Lavigne jacket.. ?
Hot Buys Sequin Dress. RIO. 4th May-
Three letters.. H-O-T ! This beautiful dress is perfect for nights out with your gals!
Hot Buys Zip Purse. Fudge. 22nd May-
This purse, WOW! Its FABULOUS! I say it would go with any stylin' outfit.
Hot Buys Wedge. Bisou. 27th May-
Goes terrific with the Zip Purse, as shown in picture and review above. If you are planning on
purchasing this, buy the bag too!
Hot Buys Bow. Splendid. 6th May-
To be totally honest, i don't think i like this. Dont' get me wrong, i love the bow its just there has been too many bows out right now. Im getting sick of it..
Hot Buys One Peice Swimsuit. Bisou. 20th May-
I would defonatley go swimming in this fabby costume! Why not.. ? Exactly!
Hot Buys Bubble Shorts. Pretty in Pink. 26th May-
These could look better.. Spice them up a notch and add in a flouncy top or vest tee and a stylin' belt!
Hot Buys Party Dress. Pretty in Pink. 14th May-
Im not a big frill fan, but for party's i guess i could make an exception for this one! ..
Hot Buys Art Dress. Bisou. 9th May-
I J'dore this dress. My fave' out the pack! After all, diamonds are a girls best friend!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Who Wore LE the Best?


Kaycee is a great example for how the new LE season should be worn! Ofcourse, there are loads of LE wearers' out there, but Kaycee stood out from the rest. Just a simple Tee Dress,skinnys and just a pair of ordianry sandals can make a whole loada' difference!

LE. He Loves Me Tee Dress $100

LE. Heartwas Skinny Jeans $125

Stardoll. Leona gold shoes $2

Limited Edition, Another Season.

LE IS BACK! .. Tbh, i think LE have done an alright job on this one. Myself? I have not purchased anything since this season has been out and why is because it sold so quickly, i didnt get a chance! I must have went a few hours after and there was only but the least likable things there.. Which was a bummer.
So i dragged my mouse over my name and headed sadly back to my virtual house on screen (Well ofcourse on-screen/virtual, same thing huh? lmao.)

Inspirations (:

To inspire somebody ;to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it.

Thats what a few people have done to me today.
The day i created this blog.
The day that i realised i should thank a few people for inspiration!

This is like, my own little awards to people, huh?
Well.. I just wanna give a shout out to some people with cool blogs and that gave me inspiration (yeah, this word pops up alot in this post!).

Tylerisbold (
Sarah-my-bff (
Babii-mariex (

Thats just three there.. Other insiration blogs include ;,,

There's a shout out to a few of my favourite blogs.. (inspirations!)

amieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/# x


Im Studentka.. (: Known as amy (: Although i change the spelling of it ALOT xD.

Iv made a new blog. This is it.
-If your wondering why i said a new blog then read ahead..

--> Because i have had loads of blogs that i have made and been forgotten and one of my New Month Resoloutions' is that ain't goan' happen again(:

I think il shut up about me and my blogs now and start posting AGAAIN.